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"Burleigh maintains and supports the notion that, ultimately, Muhammad was so morally deformed and ruthless that this book and other exposés revealing the truth about him could eventually result in the collapse of Islam. Burleigh admits that such a collapse won't be fostered by one book alone or even a series of them, but from relentless media exposure. However, It's All About Muhammad is the beginning: the opening salvo fired in a war against Islamic violence and all of its roots. Heavily footnoted with source material references throughout, this book is the best opening act one could wish for in a discussion of Islam’s historical precedent and how to stop its cycles of violence from reaching ever more deeply into modern times." -- Midwest Book Review

"If it were in my power, I would require every American to read 'It’s All About Muhammad.' . . .Instead, I will only highly recommend it as the best way to understand the man who literally invented a so-called religion based on his own pathologies and then, through terror, ensured it spread to the entirety of Arabia in his lifetime." -- Alan Caruba at http://factsnotfantasy.blogspot.com

"F.W. Burleigh must be credited not only for having researched Muhammad's life and created a person with flesh and bones (and an addled skull) from a vast storehouse of documented information, but for having the courage to tell it "like it was" about history's most notorious "prophet." His book is well worth the time to read.” -- Edward Cline, author of the Sparrowhawk novels